Recently, I conducted a fourth year research paper regarding the demand for hemp paper from the environmentally friendly consumer because it was a subject in which I was not entirely familiar with. What I found while I conducted my research was surprising;

1. Hemp Paper has become far more expensive to produce than Wood Paper.

2. Environmentally friendly consumers consider the overall price when they make their purchase before ensuring that the product is sustainable. Environmentally friendly consumers stated that they will not make a purchase if the expense for a product cannot be justified (even if the product is significantly more environmentally friendly).

3. A significant portion of participants were un-knowledgeable regarding the benefits of hemp paper. If a company were to enter the hemp paper market, which currently has minimal competition, they would need to consider launching an effective marketing campaign to attract consumers.

Asia and Europe are dominating the Wood Paper and Recycling Industry. Paper Companies all over Canada, such as Catalyst paper, have been forced to apply for creditor protection from their respective governments. Although, other contributors to Canada’s failing paper industry is the fact that newspapers and magazines are slowly declining in population since the era of the internet began and they are directly influenced by the fluctuations of the US dollar.

See my attached Research Paper for more information.


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