Weekly Workout Schedule

Weekly Workout Schedule

So recently… I have decided that I needed to finally start changing my lifestyle (this has nothing to do with a new years resolution… but rather looking back at some photos and going urghh). After doing some research, I decided that the Women’s Health Magazine offered me the best workout regime because of their detailed week-by-week workout plans. (click here to see detailed daily workout plans)

Some things that I’ve concluded will affect my goal to lose weight and live healthier:

1. Myself, I am always my worst enemy.

2. Cravings

3. The IUD. I have heard a lot of women complain about gaining weight and being unable to lose weight while using the IUD. I have noticed quite a bit of bloating since the IUD was inserted a year and a half ago.. I am hoping to disprove that the bloating is IUD related and that a healthier lifestyle will reduce or rid of the bloating.

Some Personal Information About Me:

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5’7 or 5’8

Weight Week 1: 165

Goal Weight (To be re-assessed later): 145

Wish me Luck!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Schedule

    • I have started to wake up with Trevor, as opposed to sleeping in for another 2 hours, so that I can get an early start to my morning and make time to make a healthy breakfast. We also have another roommate, Steve, who wants “in” on a rotation idea for cooking healthy meals. This way we don’t always find ourselves in the kitchen and being healthy will not, hopefully, consume all of our spare time. I have also commited myself “me time”. During this time, I can go to the gym and than afterwards make a quick lunch. If I don’t go during this time.. I never end up making it to the gym..

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