Day 4

This will be my 4th day since starting the healthy lifestyle routine, of which I only attended the gym 3 times. I missed one day because I had to meet the people from craigslist who were going to pick up the free stuff I had posted online. They were late by an hour. I got so frustrated I put the stuff outside and left. I mean the stuff is free? Shouldn’t you be early? I could rant about Craigslist all day, but if truth be told, I have made a lot of money from Craigslist so one could say we have a symbiotic love-hate relationship.

Anyways.. back to the workout regime.. everything hurts.. AND I have actually gained 2 pounds?!? On the bright side, I already feel a lot healthier; Therefor, I will not concern myself with being too worried yet. Here is so far my favourite exercise I completed after 30 mins of level 6, speed 6.0, “random setting” on the treadmill. It worked out mostly my gluteus. I will admit tho, I felt like a dog lifting a leg to take a pee on a bush, and checked the gym to make sure I was secluded enough to not be gawked at.


Here are the instructions for the position:

Keeping your left leg bent, lift it to the side until it’s parallel with the mat. Next, bring your left leg forward and flex your foot to isolate your glutes. Hold and then repeat with your right leg.

I want to write about the IUD.. but out of respect for bloggers who do not wish to read about it I will attach a page for any blogging information regarding the IUD. Although, for all the men out there, I personally loved the fact that Trevor was knowledgeable in the contraceptive and that he was informed in my concerns.  I will post about it sometime next week.


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