Day 8 – Team Skiing

But it really feels like Day 7, what happened to Monday?

The weekend went by fast, especially since I spent it at my aunt’s house and skiing Cypress Mountain. Luckily, they were also undertaking a “healthy eating” diet by cutting out all flour, sugar, and wheat for a month. This is not a diet practice that I entirely agree with, because it seems like a temporary weight loss solution, as opposed to long-term. However, it helped facilitate my health goals while I was there.

Oh did I mention Cypress Mountain. AMAZING despite the fact it was extremely foggy and hailing. I have been snowboarding since I was 12 years old and finally switched to skiing on Saturday. I am officially switching to Team Skiing! There is nothing quite like that heart pounding feeling of going down that slope you couldn’t do on a snowboard, or going over a jump and landing it. Of course, the occasionally comical bail out of the skies which would result in my cousin’s and my barreling down the mountain like a pair of helpless wheel spiders.

Anyways I will do the weight in for week 1:

Week 0: 165

Week 1: 162.4

Days in Gym: 3

Days Outside of the Gym: 1 (Click Here to see the Downhill Skiing Calorie Burned Calculator I used)

Approximate Week’s Gym and Other Calorie Burn: 3500 Calories (probably lowballed that estimate). ¬†

Woohoo! I am perfectly on target with my weightloss goal. I think the earlier discrepancy with the scale was the fact that the scale I am using is finicky and, therefore, I made an error in measurements. Oops. Anyways, off to the gym. Thought, wish I could have spent my gym day up at Whistler!

As I promised, I would provide some updates on the IUD. For those of you who do not wish to read about this, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. For those of you who are interested, CLICK HERE. However, do not say I did not warn you of some over-share content.


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