More Things Hemp.

We have all heard about hemp necklaces, hemp clothing, hemp body care products… But hemp cars? This is an absolutely amazing new development in our mission to creating a more environmentally-friendly world.

Oh, and the very first car was manufactured in Canada. Way to go Alberta!


For more information, check out Hemp Cars Evolution


One thought on “More Things Hemp.

  1. I have recently been investigating Hemp myself and am AMAZED at what I’ve learned. Hemp has been used for so many things: clothes, cars, plastics, building materials, rope, paper, linens, food, medicine and so on. It even used to be mandatory in the United States for farmers to grow hemp if they had the land.
    It’s astounding that the medical benefits of Hemp have been so suppressed. I recently found out about a Hemp lifestyle company with a focus on nutrition and wellness whose products contain CBD Rich Hemp oil without the psychoactive effects. This is a patented, 100% legal opportunity. Knowing about this will be a true life-saver for so many people challenged with medical issues!!! NO THC, NO HIGH, only the positive healthy benefits for everyone, YES including children – LEGALLY.
    Again, thanks for your sharing about this issue.
    Sharon, Long Beach, CA

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