More Things Hemp.

We have all heard about hemp necklaces, hemp clothing, hemp body care products… But hemp cars? This is an absolutely amazing new development in our mission to creating a more environmentally-friendly world.

Oh, and the very first car was manufactured in Canada. Way to go Alberta!


For more information, check out Hemp Cars Evolution


Christmas Eve Sunset

A photo I meant to share a while back. This was probably the best moment during my visit to my parents place. Mom and Dad – I still can’t wait for you to move away thought! Preferably Kelowna (despite my recent article regarding its high crime rate). They were convinced this photo should have aired on CTV, however, my blog will have to suffice. 🙂


First of all.. the new apartment is amazing! I have always had great luck with roommates, and this time is no different. I should add for my new readers that one of my roommates is my boyfriend, Trevor. Here are some pictures of our amazing view;



During my birthday, which was last week, we were also granted access to the rooftop of our building in exchange for free beer and good times. It was pretty incredible. We took the elevator to the 41st floor, than ascended the stairs to the 42nd and finally climbed a ladder to get to the roof of the penthouse suite.


While the View may be amazing, and the location ideal since I work about 4 blocks away; The price is enough to make anyone cringe. I will not bother claiming that I even pay a third of the rent (our agreement is that I pay a 6th of the rent as long as I am the primary cleaner of the household). This seemed like a fair trade, I already expected to be the primary household cleaner anyway!

Day 8 – Team Skiing

But it really feels like Day 7, what happened to Monday?

The weekend went by fast, especially since I spent it at my aunt’s house and skiing Cypress Mountain. Luckily, they were also undertaking a “healthy eating” diet by cutting out all flour, sugar, and wheat for a month. This is not a diet practice that I entirely agree with, because it seems like a temporary weight loss solution, as opposed to long-term. However, it helped facilitate my health goals while I was there.

Oh did I mention Cypress Mountain. AMAZING despite the fact it was extremely foggy and hailing. I have been snowboarding since I was 12 years old and finally switched to skiing on Saturday. I am officially switching to Team Skiing! There is nothing quite like that heart pounding feeling of going down that slope you couldn’t do on a snowboard, or going over a jump and landing it. Of course, the occasionally comical bail out of the skies which would result in my cousin’s and my barreling down the mountain like a pair of helpless wheel spiders.

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Day 4

This will be my 4th day since starting the healthy lifestyle routine, of which I only attended the gym 3 times. I missed one day because I had to meet the people from craigslist who were going to pick up the free stuff I had posted online. They were late by an hour. I got so frustrated I put the stuff outside and left. I mean the stuff is free? Shouldn’t you be early? I could rant about Craigslist all day, but if truth be told, I have made a lot of money from Craigslist so one could say we have a symbiotic love-hate relationship.

Anyways.. back to the workout regime.. everything hurts.. AND I have actually gained 2 pounds?!? On the bright side, I already feel a lot healthier; Therefor, I will not concern myself with being too worried yet. Here is so far my favourite exercise I completed after 30 mins of level 6, speed 6.0, “random setting” on the treadmill. It worked out mostly my gluteus. I will admit tho, I felt like a dog lifting a leg to take a pee on a bush, and checked the gym to make sure I was secluded enough to not be gawked at.


Here are the instructions for the position:

Keeping your left leg bent, lift it to the side until it’s parallel with the mat. Next, bring your left leg forward and flex your foot to isolate your glutes. Hold and then repeat with your right leg. Continue reading

Conquering Kale



This will probably be something which I will make 2-3 times a week (it is THAT delicious).

You’ll Need:

– Large Cookie Sheet

– Cooking Spray (Mine is extra olive oil spray)

– Once Bunch Kale  

– Sea Salt or Cheddar Cheese 

1) Pre-Heat Oven to 425F Bake. 

2) Wash and Pat Dry the Kale. Cut the kale into bite sized pieces (I generally use the stem as well, but most websites will direct you to cut out the stem).

3) Spray Cookie Sheet with Non Stick Cooking Spray. If you don’t have cooking spray, lightly coat the kale in extra virgin olive oil.

4) Spread the Kale evenly over the cookie sheet, careful not to overlap too much.

5) Sprinkle Cheese or Sea Salt over the Kale to taste.

6) Leave the Kale in the oven for 10 mins (Check often, kale will burn easily!) You will know the kale is ready when it is nice and crispy!

I found that with the cheese, the kale took a bit longer to bake and became a bit soggy. However, it was still delicious! It reminded me of eating nachos. I usually make Kale with Sea Salt and have had raving reviews from friends who I have made it for! Enjoy.