It was harmless at first. An unfulfilled need, which likely started after years of unhappiness. Isn’t that how it always starts? She had only recently been reunited with her youngest daughter, of which the relationship was still troubled. Her eldest daughter had just moved out, to live with her boyfriend many miles away. Her husband, who had retired 20 years ago as a Police Officer, found contentment in the affection he received from their many cats whilst spending his days watching TV.

What was she to do? Tirelessly, she worked her mundane corporate desk job. The work mildly interested her, but it gave her something to do to as she passed the time wishing she were somewhere else. Someone else.

After work, it was not uncommon for her to be playing on Pogo, where she had created an online support network of similar minded cyber friends. So, when she created a new Pogo account under a fake name, no one suspected anything of it. 6 months went by, an entire summer passed, and a new online love was beginning to blossom…

Yes, cause he said that was part of the lie. That was all part of her fake identity.

Jessica was furious. Some guy had just messaged her telling her that my mom had pretended to be her online. She had assumed Jessica’s identity, by re-posting Facebook photos of her to another online Pogo Account under a fake name. To say the least I was dumbfounded. This was obviously fake. I was going to deny the allegations against my mother for as long as I could until I was able speak to her myself.

She wasn’t picking up though. A quick scan of my mom’s computer revealed that she had indeed create a fake online persona as there was still a Messenger, Pogo and an Email account set up under the fake name. When I finally did get hold of my mom, she profusely denied everything. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was lying. Jessica and the guy, Adam, had already sent enough proof for me to know that it was indeed my mom who had pretended to be Jessica for the past 6 months. Shortly after my phone call, my mom suffered a severe asthma attack and sent me an email admitting to everything.

Can I be the first to say that I am really sorry to be telling you all of this, I am not enjoying it.

Nervously, Adam started to send some of the photos, emails and personal details shared between my mom and him over the course of their online relationship. She had kept the details of her persona accurate to when she was in her 30s, even confirming the fact that she has two children. She shared pictures of my car, her house and several other photos taken from my Facebook account. She had even called him on several occasions, being careful to never use Facetime. He was devastated, he had fallen in love with her and in return she had betrayed him in a way no other had before. Despite everything, she had fallen in love with him too. Two souls bound together by a white lie which could not be undone.

To this day, the relationship between my mom and I is built upon the eggshells we walk on. I have never told my Sister or my Step Dad of what transpired, for fear that it would break apart the family. As a result, the relationship with my Step Dad also suffers. A year after the incident took place, my sister told my biological Dad that “she was pretty sure mom was having an online relationship”. Mom has not told anyone of the incident, despite her efforts to deceive me into believing she was actually receiving professional counseling. I do not know if she has had other online relationships, other than Adam, while presuming another identity.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Catfish“, I highly recommend watching this Documentary. This story is based upon true events which transpired 2 years ago.



Christmas Eve Sunset

A photo I meant to share a while back. This was probably the best moment during my visit to my parents place. Mom and Dad – I still can’t wait for you to move away thought! Preferably Kelowna (despite my recent article regarding its high crime rate). They were convinced this photo should have aired on CTV, however, my blog will have to suffice. ūüôā


First of all.. the new apartment is amazing! I have always had great luck with roommates, and this time is no different. I should add for my new readers that one of my roommates is my boyfriend, Trevor. Here are some pictures of our amazing view;



During my birthday, which was last week, we were also granted access to the rooftop of our building in exchange for free beer and good times. It was pretty incredible. We took the elevator to the 41st floor, than ascended the stairs to the 42nd and finally climbed a ladder to get to the roof of the penthouse suite.


While the View may be amazing, and the location ideal since I work about 4 blocks away; The price is enough to make anyone cringe. I will not bother claiming that I even pay a third of the rent (our agreement is that I pay a 6th of the rent as long as I am the primary cleaner of the household). This seemed like a fair trade, I already expected to be the primary household cleaner anyway!

Day 8 – Team Skiing

But it really feels like Day 7, what happened to Monday?

The weekend went by fast, especially since I spent it at my aunt’s house and skiing Cypress Mountain. Luckily, they were also undertaking a “healthy eating” diet by cutting out all flour, sugar, and wheat for a month. This is not a diet practice that I entirely agree with, because it seems like a temporary weight loss solution, as opposed to long-term. However, it helped facilitate my health goals while I was there.

Oh did I mention Cypress Mountain. AMAZING despite the fact it was extremely foggy and hailing. I have been snowboarding since I was 12 years old and finally switched to skiing on Saturday. I am officially switching to Team Skiing! There is nothing quite like that heart pounding feeling of going down that slope you couldn’t do on a snowboard, or going over a jump and landing it. Of course, the occasionally comical bail out of the skies which would result in my cousin’s and my barreling down the mountain like a pair of helpless wheel spiders.

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Day 4

This will be my 4th day since starting the healthy lifestyle routine, of which I only attended the gym 3 times. I missed one day because I had to meet the people from craigslist who were going to pick up the free stuff I had posted online. They were late by an hour. I got so frustrated I put the stuff outside and left. I mean the stuff is free? Shouldn’t you be early?¬†I could rant about Craigslist all day, but if truth be told, I have made a lot of money from Craigslist so one could say we have a symbiotic love-hate relationship.

Anyways.. back to the workout regime.. everything hurts.. AND I have actually gained 2 pounds?!? On the bright side, I already feel a lot healthier; Therefor, I will not concern myself with being too worried yet. Here is so far my favourite exercise I completed after 30 mins of level 6, speed 6.0, “random setting” on the treadmill. It worked out mostly my gluteus. I will admit tho, I felt like a dog lifting a leg to take a pee on a bush, and checked the gym to make sure I was secluded enough to not be gawked at.


Here are the instructions for the position:

Keeping your left leg bent, lift it to the side until it’s parallel with the mat. Next, bring your left leg forward and flex your foot to isolate your glutes. Hold and then repeat with your right leg. Continue reading

Itsy Bitsy Spider..


I should have adopted a cat. They are furry, cute, and most importantly they eat spiders. I would not necessarily classify myself as a person who has an irrational fear of spiders; however, I have woken up from a dead sleep truly believing that spiders were crawling all over my face and body. I have also found myself trapped in the bathroom while a spider foe attacks me and takes claim to the tiled floor. In these situations, luckily, Trevor has come to my rescue and killed the giant spider before it could sink its vampiric teeth into my flesh. Unfortunately, it was also my fear of spiders that ¬†led to his unhappy discovery that, in fact, girls do poop (He chose to believe girls “magically” did not). For couples everywhere, I would not recommend this method to overcome relationship barriers.

Arachnophobia –¬†The fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†– Wikipedia

Acarophobia РFear of itching or of the insects that cause itching.                                   -The Phobia List

The Apple Man

“I can not date you if you do not get an iPhone!”

I should have known that it would not have stopped at the iPhone. But hey, we‚Äôve all been there once; the puppy dog stage of every new relationship that lowers walls and clouds our judgement. Nevertheless, we worked out our differences, and an apple invasion soon became to take place in my tiny apartment. I should have known, it was inevitable. So why am I still surprised? A year later…. It is early September, and Trevor is accompanying¬† me to meet my parents for dinner. We have not seen each other in a week, and I am pretty excited for Trevor to be the first interest that I have ever had accompany me to my parents place. I notice that Trevor does not seem to share my excitement, and is constantly distracted by his iPad. Eventually, I speak up and point out to Trevor that he is being rude and should save his texting for later.

“This has to be done now, are you getting the iPhone 5C?” he says.

Oh no.. the dreaded Apple subject. There is no escaping it. I know what he wants to hear‚Ķ but I still can not give him the answer he wants. The problem is that I will be away from home during the release of the new iPhone, and I was not excited at the thought of being phone-less for a month. Unfortunately‚Ķ my parents got their first introduction to Trevor’s extreme loyalty to the iPhone, as he let his discontentment become known.¬†Apparently, I couldn’t just own an iPhone, I had to also be diligent about upgrading it to the most current iPhone. My bank account hurts. The conversation has become awkward. Hide Me. Continue reading