Christmas Eve Sunset

A photo I meant to share a while back. This was probably the best moment during my visit to my parents place. Mom and Dad – I still can’t wait for you to move away thought! Preferably Kelowna (despite my recent article regarding its high crime rate). They were convinced this photo should have aired on CTV, however, my blog will have to suffice. 🙂


The Apple Man

“I can not date you if you do not get an iPhone!”

I should have known that it would not have stopped at the iPhone. But hey, we’ve all been there once; the puppy dog stage of every new relationship that lowers walls and clouds our judgement. Nevertheless, we worked out our differences, and an apple invasion soon became to take place in my tiny apartment. I should have known, it was inevitable. So why am I still surprised? A year later…. It is early September, and Trevor is accompanying  me to meet my parents for dinner. We have not seen each other in a week, and I am pretty excited for Trevor to be the first interest that I have ever had accompany me to my parents place. I notice that Trevor does not seem to share my excitement, and is constantly distracted by his iPad. Eventually, I speak up and point out to Trevor that he is being rude and should save his texting for later.

“This has to be done now, are you getting the iPhone 5C?” he says.

Oh no.. the dreaded Apple subject. There is no escaping it. I know what he wants to hear… but I still can not give him the answer he wants. The problem is that I will be away from home during the release of the new iPhone, and I was not excited at the thought of being phone-less for a month. Unfortunately… my parents got their first introduction to Trevor’s extreme loyalty to the iPhone, as he let his discontentment become known. Apparently, I couldn’t just own an iPhone, I had to also be diligent about upgrading it to the most current iPhone. My bank account hurts. The conversation has become awkward. Hide Me. Continue reading